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Photography tip from Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport, LA

Want to shoot better landscape photos next time your on vacation in some scenic location? Pay close attention to where you place the horizon.. Nothing screams amateur like a horizon smack dab in the middle of the photo. Decide what you want to show off, the sky or the ground. if you have a beautiful sky them put the horizon in the lower third of the frame. If its a feature on the ground that’s caught your eye put the horizon in the upper third of the photo. not matter where you put the horizon line try and make it level. Try it next time your shooting landscapes. you’ll have a more professional looking picture.

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Win a Valentines Photo Session

Valentines is right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some romantic pictures of you and your sweetheart? You could win a free photo session with Spayth Photography & Cinema. All you have to do is send us a photo of what or who you love most. We’ll post it on our Facebook page here. Then ask everyone to vote for your picture. They just click “like” Spayth Photography & Cinema and “like” your photo. That’s it just two clicks…. The deadline for getting your photo to us is February 1st, We’ll post them and the voting begins. You can send them to us on our Facebook page or email them to us at

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Photography tip from Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport, LA

So your taking family photos and every time you click the shutter someone blinks.. Here’s a tip that will help you get everyones eyes open. Have everyone close their eyes… That’s right.. have them close their eye’s. Then tell everyone to open them when you count to three.. on three and 1/2 press the shutter button. Try it next time and you’ll see your families beautiful eyes all at once.

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Shreveport based Spayth Photography & Cinema filling up wedding dates fast

Spayth Photography & Cinema interrupts your web surfing to bring you this important message!!!

..Wedding Dates for this year are filling up fast! We’re having to disappoint brides and tell them their date is not available anymore.. So if your thinking of booking us to shoot your wedding this year contact us soon..

We now return you to your regularly scheduled web surfing..

Shreveport Wedding Photography and video.

Shreveport Wedding Ceremony by Spayth Photography & Cinema

So you want a video of your wedding, who wouldn’t. You could have one of your friends video it, they have a camera…right But will your friend have the tools and experience to produce a professional video that does your wedding the justice it deserves? You’ve worked hard planning and preparing for this wedding. When the day gets here it’s going to flash by in the blink of an eye just ask anyone thats had a wedding. Producing a wedding video that can capture the passion, the emotion, the warmth and fun of your wedding day doesn’t happen by chance. It takes careful planning, experience, the right gear, and the ability to tell the story.. your story… not to mention hours of editing and polishing. Your wedding video will be one of your most cherished keepsakes long after the flowers wilt, the food is eaten and the band packs up and leaves. In 20 years what are you going to remember the most about your wedding? Its the wedding video you just watched for the millionth time just five minutes ago…. Visit us at

Sonja & Rons Wedding

They are such a great couple so much in love! Sonja was texting me before she even finished watching her wedding video about how much she loved it. I really appreciated that, Thank you Sonja
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