Photography Tips from Shreveport wedding photographer / videographer Spayth Photography & Cinema

Do your pictures not look as clear as you’d think they should? When is the last time you cleaned your lens? A dirty lens can make a huge difference on everything from your DSLR to your ipone camera. Now before you grab the windex and dish rag you should know there is a right way and wrong way to clean your lens. First I like to blow the larger dirt and dust off with a blower. Now You may be wondering why not just use your breath to blow off the offending debris from your camera. Thats simple… SPIT.. there I said it.. 🙂 Its can be hard to blow and not get a little of yourself on your expensive camera at the same time. I’m sorry to say your saliva doesn’t dry spot free and it will leave streaks. If your serious about taking clear pictures I suggest investing in a good blower. When it comes to a good blower size matters! I use this one from B&H the Giottos Rocket Air Blower.If you don’t have a blower (yet) try one of those little bulbs you use to clean a babies nose with (I suggest washing it first). The point is to get the larger more abrasive particles off before you start wiping your lens. The next thing you’ll need is a micro fiber cloth made for cleaning lens. Their cheap and easy to find at any camera department, even the one at Walmarts. The key is they’re soft and they won’t damage your lens. I always have one on me when I’m shooting. So now you have your lens all spot free and clean so what do you do then. You put your dirty dusty lens cap that has lint and who knows what else on it that you shoved in your pocket. This is a step a lot of people miss. Give your lens cap a good blowing off so that dirt doesn’t transfer to your pristine lens and please please always use a lens cap when your not shooting. That way next time you pull of the lens cap your ready to go.

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