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Shreveport production company Spayth Photography & Cinema produces a new video for River Valley Church in Bossier City

Welcome to our church

This is a recent video I shot and edited for our church.  River Valley Church in Bossier City on Viking Dr.  It’s an awesome place.  Come see us and find out for yourself.


Sorry we don’t do that anymore…..

Well folks it’s official… After 17 years we’ve decided to take a break from shooting weddings..  Thats right we don’t book weddings anymore.  WHY??  well it’s simple I have a family.. they miss me.. go figure.  As you can guess weddings 99.9 percent of the time happen on Saturday.  I have two sons that are growing up toooooo fast.  I was missing to much by always being busy all day on too many Saturdays.  Will I shoot them again in the future? Possibly!  For now I’m still doing family and senior portraits and also doing some awesome video projects.