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“You Speak We Deliver …” Say’s Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport , LA

The cry went out… GIVE US MORE TIME!!! So thats what we’re doing. The deadline to enter our Valentines day photo session give away is being extended by a week. You now have until midnight Febuary 8th, That’s next Tuesday. If you hearing about this for the first time (were have you been?) All you have to do is send us a photo of what or who you love most.. We’ll post the image on our Facebook page. Then which ever photo get the most “likes” wins.. It’s that simple.. ask your friends, Family even strangers on the street to vote your your photo… They have to visit our Facebook page thats one click.. then click “like us” to become a fan of our Facebook page that’s two clicks… Then click “like” on your photo…. Thats it…. Three Tiny moves of their right index finger.. I would do that for complete stranger.. I’d even go four or five clicks for someone I was friends with 🙂 and what do you win???? I’m glad you asked!! You win a Photo Session.. It can be just you our your whole family.. Heck I don’t care if you bring the family pet as long as it’s not a snake… Sorry my wife doesn’t do snakes 😉 We spend the afternoon capturing timeless images your friends and family (the ones that voted for you) will go GAGA over.. You’ll be the talk of the neighbor hood and envied by many.. OK maybe thats a little over the top. but I Promise you’ll have portraits you will absolutely love to hang on your wall.

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Win a Valentines Photo Session

Valentines is right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some romantic pictures of you and your sweetheart? You could win a free photo session with Spayth Photography & Cinema. All you have to do is send us a photo of what or who you love most. We’ll post it on our Facebook page here. Then ask everyone to vote for your picture. They just click “like” Spayth Photography & Cinema and “like” your photo. That’s it just two clicks…. The deadline for getting your photo to us is February 1st, We’ll post them and the voting begins. You can send them to us on our Facebook page or email them to us at

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