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Shreveport Wedding Video by Spayth Photography & Cinema

September of this year, Jeremy & Alexis married at the Silver Lake Ballroom in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. This couple rocks!! The love they have for each other is so obvious. It was an honor to be a part of their wedding day.

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Shreveport based Spayth Photography & Cinema prepares for a shot in the dark.


Capturing a balance of light and shadow is a corner stone of great photography.. So what do you do when a bride wants her Love Story video and portraits shot at night so you can see the city lights in the back ground. At night the balance of light and shadow heavily favors shadow 🙂 . Simple, you give her what she wants. It’s a bit tricky, but with professional gear and experience its very possible. After all shouldn’t a bride have what she wants for her wedding? The Picture above is from some test shots we took in preparing for this shoot.

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Michael & Whitney Love Story Video by Shreveport based Spayth Photography & Cinema

The weather was freezing but love kept them warm during our recent Love Story Video Shoot with Michael & Whitney in Monroe, LA. The shoot started at the church that he proposed to her at. They both agreed that while their first date was a disaster the second one (years later) was a total success as the ring on her finger attest to… The shoot continued at a local park and cold grey skies couldn’t dampen the obvious love they have for each other. We joked about how last year we shot the same type of video for Whitney’s sister when it was over 100 degrees outside. This is a family of extremes.. Extreme temperature and extreme Love..

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Shreveport Wedding Ceremony by Spayth Photography & Cinema

So you want a video of your wedding, who wouldn’t. You could have one of your friends video it, they have a camera…right But will your friend have the tools and experience to produce a professional video that does your wedding the justice it deserves? You’ve worked hard planning and preparing for this wedding. When the day gets here it’s going to flash by in the blink of an eye just ask anyone thats had a wedding. Producing a wedding video that can capture the passion, the emotion, the warmth and fun of your wedding day doesn’t happen by chance. It takes careful planning, experience, the right gear, and the ability to tell the story.. your story… not to mention hours of editing and polishing. Your wedding video will be one of your most cherished keepsakes long after the flowers wilt, the food is eaten and the band packs up and leaves. In 20 years what are you going to remember the most about your wedding? Its the wedding video you just watched for the millionth time just five minutes ago…. Visit us at

Sonja & Rons Wedding

They are such a great couple so much in love! Sonja was texting me before she even finished watching her wedding video about how much she loved it. I really appreciated that, Thank you Sonja
Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport

Editing editing and more editing

Shooting a wedding is only the second act (the first act is the prep)  the third act is editing… and it’s where all the blood sweat and tears come together 😉  When it comes to editing a wedding video, I spend a lot more time editing than I do shooting. A LOT more!!! Brides are very tech savvy and they want that big hollywood movie look,  which is cool.