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Photography Tips from Shreveport wedding photographer / videographer Spayth Photography & Cinema

Do your pictures not look as clear as you’d think they should? When is the last time you cleaned your lens? A dirty lens can make a huge difference on everything from your DSLR to your ipone camera. Now before you grab the windex and dish rag you should know there is a right way and wrong way to clean your lens. First I like to blow the larger dirt and dust off with a blower. Now You may be wondering why not just use your breath to blow off the offending debris from your camera. Thats simple… SPIT.. there I said it.. 🙂 Its can be hard to blow and not get a little of yourself on your expensive camera at the same time. I’m sorry to say your saliva doesn’t dry spot free and it will leave streaks. If your serious about taking clear pictures I suggest investing in a good blower. When it comes to a good blower size matters! I use this one from B&H the Giottos Rocket Air Blower.If you don’t have a blower (yet) try one of those little bulbs you use to clean a babies nose with (I suggest washing it first). The point is to get the larger more abrasive particles off before you start wiping your lens. The next thing you’ll need is a micro fiber cloth made for cleaning lens. Their cheap and easy to find at any camera department, even the one at Walmarts. The key is they’re soft and they won’t damage your lens. I always have one on me when I’m shooting. So now you have your lens all spot free and clean so what do you do then. You put your dirty dusty lens cap that has lint and who knows what else on it that you shoved in your pocket. This is a step a lot of people miss. Give your lens cap a good blowing off so that dirt doesn’t transfer to your pristine lens and please please always use a lens cap when your not shooting. That way next time you pull of the lens cap your ready to go.

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Michael & Whitney Love Story Video by Shreveport based Spayth Photography & Cinema

The weather was freezing but love kept them warm during our recent Love Story Video Shoot with Michael & Whitney in Monroe, LA. The shoot started at the church that he proposed to her at. They both agreed that while their first date was a disaster the second one (years later) was a total success as the ring on her finger attest to… The shoot continued at a local park and cold grey skies couldn’t dampen the obvious love they have for each other. We joked about how last year we shot the same type of video for Whitney’s sister when it was over 100 degrees outside. This is a family of extremes.. Extreme temperature and extreme Love..

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Photography tip from Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport, LA

Want sharper images? Often a picture isn’t blurry because it’s out of focus. Often it’s blurry because of motion blur. That means in that fraction of a second that the shutter is open you or the subject moved. If your shooting pictures of the running of the bulls in Spain good luck getting your subject to be still. But you can take measures to hold the camera more still. One simple thing is pay attention to how you press the shutter button. Yes that little motion can cause a photo to not be tack sharp. Some folks have a tendency to roll the camera a little when they press the shutter or they push to hard. Gently and slowly press the button, better yet try and roll your finger across the button. It may feel awkward at first but practice it and you’ll notice you’ll have sharper images.

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“You Speak We Deliver …” Say’s Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport , LA

The cry went out… GIVE US MORE TIME!!! So thats what we’re doing. The deadline to enter our Valentines day photo session give away is being extended by a week. You now have until midnight Febuary 8th, That’s next Tuesday. If you hearing about this for the first time (were have you been?) All you have to do is send us a photo of what or who you love most.. We’ll post the image on our Facebook page. Then which ever photo get the most “likes” wins.. It’s that simple.. ask your friends, Family even strangers on the street to vote your your photo… They have to visit our Facebook page thats one click.. then click “like us” to become a fan of our Facebook page that’s two clicks… Then click “like” on your photo…. Thats it…. Three Tiny moves of their right index finger.. I would do that for complete stranger.. I’d even go four or five clicks for someone I was friends with 🙂 and what do you win???? I’m glad you asked!! You win a Photo Session.. It can be just you our your whole family.. Heck I don’t care if you bring the family pet as long as it’s not a snake… Sorry my wife doesn’t do snakes 😉 We spend the afternoon capturing timeless images your friends and family (the ones that voted for you) will go GAGA over.. You’ll be the talk of the neighbor hood and envied by many.. OK maybe thats a little over the top. but I Promise you’ll have portraits you will absolutely love to hang on your wall.

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Photography tip from Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport, LA

Want to shoot better landscape photos next time your on vacation in some scenic location? Pay close attention to where you place the horizon.. Nothing screams amateur like a horizon smack dab in the middle of the photo. Decide what you want to show off, the sky or the ground. if you have a beautiful sky them put the horizon in the lower third of the frame. If its a feature on the ground that’s caught your eye put the horizon in the upper third of the photo. not matter where you put the horizon line try and make it level. Try it next time your shooting landscapes. you’ll have a more professional looking picture.

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Photography tip from Spayth Photography & Cinema in Shreveport, LA

So your taking family photos and every time you click the shutter someone blinks.. Here’s a tip that will help you get everyones eyes open. Have everyone close their eyes… That’s right.. have them close their eye’s. Then tell everyone to open them when you count to three.. on three and 1/2 press the shutter button. Try it next time and you’ll see your families beautiful eyes all at once.

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Shreveport Wedding Ceremony by Spayth Photography & Cinema

So you want a video of your wedding, who wouldn’t. You could have one of your friends video it, they have a camera…right But will your friend have the tools and experience to produce a professional video that does your wedding the justice it deserves? You’ve worked hard planning and preparing for this wedding. When the day gets here it’s going to flash by in the blink of an eye just ask anyone thats had a wedding. Producing a wedding video that can capture the passion, the emotion, the warmth and fun of your wedding day doesn’t happen by chance. It takes careful planning, experience, the right gear, and the ability to tell the story.. your story… not to mention hours of editing and polishing. Your wedding video will be one of your most cherished keepsakes long after the flowers wilt, the food is eaten and the band packs up and leaves. In 20 years what are you going to remember the most about your wedding? Its the wedding video you just watched for the millionth time just five minutes ago…. Visit us at TomSpayth.com